Optinly Lifetime Deal

Optinly Lifetime Deal $59 – Build Smart Email Pop-ups

Last Updated on March 22, 2022

If you’re looking for a content marketing platform that can help you grow your website’s traffic and leads, then Optinly is the perfect fit for you.

Optinly is the world’s leading content marketing platform for businesses and marketers to drive more traffic, leads, and sales from their websites. It is a software company that also helps webmasters produce, manage and monetize their websites.

Optinly offers tools, tools and tools, in the form of plugins, that help webmasters create powerful and efficient marketing campaigns and their own affiliate programs.

With thousands of plugins that cover everything from banner ad creation to monthly and lifetime subscription plans, Optinly can provide you with all of the tools you need to successfully market your businesses.

Who Is Optinly for?

Optinly website pop-up plugin is being used across industries and kinds of businesses. Let’s see some of the businesses and pros who can benefit from Optinly WordPress popup forms plugin.

Smart Bloggers

Bloggers have found Optinly to be an ideal list-building WordPress popup tool. Bloggers can easily customize any one of the pre-designed templates to capture leads or direct users to specific landing pages.


If you want to grow your business and make the promotion of your products and services easier, Optinly might be a good option.


Display latest announcements, future product updates and more with popup windows and invite your audience for special events and launch products using popups.


Use popup ads to promote the latest deals and upcoming houses for sale on your website and collect leads and close deals at the same time. Use countdown timer popups to create FOMO for a particular deal or fullscreen overlays to redirect visitors to specific properties.

Web Developers

Help visitors take a look at your portfolio. Use popups on your homepage and redirect visitors to your portfolio pages. Display package deals with the help of popups – consider combining it with countdown timers/fullscreen overlay popups to witness significant conversions.

Creative Agencies

Get more creative. With Optinly’​s popups, customize them to a whole new level. Show them what you can do to help their business. You can collect leads, redirect visitors, conduct surveys and do more by using Optinly’s popup templates.

Benefits of Optinly

Optinly helps eCommerce owners and businesses increase their conversion rates by capturing leads and increasing sales simultaneously. There are a lot of popup builder plugin options out there, but Optinly is being used by most people in lots of ways.

Here are our top 5 benefits why people choose Optinly.

Time Saver

Creating popups is hard. With Optinly WordPress popup plugin, you can create pop-ups with just a few clicks. The user-centric design approach helps any kind of user create website popups easily. You just need to select your popup campaign goal; choose a suitable WordPress popup template; set display rules and go live.

Best for Businesses & eCommerce Stores

Optinly is one of the most used lead capturing tools for both businesses and eCommerce stores. With marketing goals covering the most common growth scenarios, creating popups with Optinly is a no-brainer. You can either collect leads or increase sales, or engage your audience with Optinly popups.

24/7 Customer Support

Optinly‘s customer support team is one of the reasons why people stick with OptInly popups. The team is more than happy to help grow your business. You can contact Optinly’s support team from the chat option available on the homepage.

Less Design/Development Skills Needed

The primary goal was to make Optinly as the best WordPress popup plugin around. Optinly follows a hassle-free installation process – whether it’s a WordPress website or a custom website, you can install Optinly in a few minutes. This means less time spent on designing and development.

Affordable Pricing

Optinly has an affordable pricing plan that allows anyone to start building popups without breaking the bank. You can opt for the basic plan at $(**) One Time Purchase (OTP) which includes the all features are available in Optinly.

Help Docs

Optinly has an extensive knowledge base to help users with the most common issues. Whether it’s about creating a pop-up campaign or integrating with an email marketing service provider, you’ll find everything you need in Optinly’s Knowledge Base.

There are also in-depth details about what you can achieve with Optinly‘s popup editor, some use cases, installation instructions etc.

Best Features of Optinly

Optinly have almost 75+ features and here are some of the best features you should try.

Simple Popup WordPress Plugin

Optinly is a WordPress popup plugin that’s extremely easy to use and display popups with. The clean user interface makes it easy for users to create popups with Optimizely.

The clean dashboard, the goal-based approach, the WYSIWYG editor and the in-depth campaign analytics section together make Optinly a powerful yet simple popup WordPress plugin.

Popup Position

Displaying popups is important. You need to position them correctly. Make sure that the user experience doesn’t get sabotaged at any point in time. With Optinly popup plugin, you can display popup templates on different screen positions.

Different Types Of Popups

Optinly popup tool comes with 6 different types of popups. Coupon Popups, Spin the Wheel Popups, Countdown Timer Popups, Exit Intent Popups, Popup Launchers and Fullscreen Overlay Popups will help you to reach your marketing goals.

Advanced Popup Display Rules

Displaying popups to your web audience is not enough. You need to display them at the right time. Optinly popup plugins come with advanced popup display rules and popup triggering options to help you out with this.

75+ Email Popup WordPress Templates

Optinly comes with 75 pre-designed WordPress popup themes. The different types of templates include slide-ins, floating bars, spin wheel popups, countdown timer popups, email collection popups and more.

Advanced Triggering Options

You can trust this software to know the best timing for the popups to appear.

Short Code for Names

Enables your website to automatically greet the visitors by their first names through the use of shortcodes.

Mobile Responsive Pop-ups

This feature enables you to create pop-ups that are compatible with the user’s device.




Optinly is one of the most popular popup tools available online today. It has an extensive list of features that help marketers easily build engaging popups for their websites. This popup builder also offers a lot of customization options so that you can personalize your popups as per your requirements.

The pricing model of this plugin is quite affordable. So, if you are looking for a reliable popup tool then Optinly is a great option.